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Ruta de Sol, coastal Ecuador

The birth place of the



A Sound Bowl Floating Immersion is a unique deep relaxation protocol that unfolds while floating comfortably in the warm water of a shallow pool or jacuzzi. The sensations of being buoyant, weightless and protected, while a professional practitioner expertly glides you into a slow drift through beautiful waves of sound rippling against your skin, is a special experience. Our custom float gear is fine-tuned to ensure your comfort and safety, and we allow plenty of time for each floater to settle into the calm of warm weightless stillness. Greg Haner birthed his dream of standardizing a protocol for a full Immersion Float in the warm climate of coastal Ecuador and he's facilitated more than 500 Float sessions in resort pools and jacuzzi tubs along the Ruta del Sol.

Along with Tito Verdaguer, Casey P. Giblin and Marcela Araya Michea, we stake claim to be the first to facilitate a full Tibetan Sound Bowl Immersion while floating in the Pacific Ocean, and possibly in any ocean!  Ayangue, Ecuador: February 17, 2017.  


to sample descriptions of personal experiences  

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Michael Zeff | Hilo, Hawaii

Greg facilitated my first sound bowl immersion recently. My mind literally floated into a state of peaceful stillness. Weightless and buoyant, as my ears dipped beneath the water's surface, I lost touch with hearing the normal background noise of external sounds as I became intensely aware of the sound of each breath. My mind instinctively recognized the rhythm of my entire body synchronize with the beautiful sonic waves rippling off the bowls. I could feel the tones resonate both on my skin and through the water. I particularly enjoyed the large bowls, as I could feel each one of the vibrational waves pass through my entire body. Physical sensation gave way to a silent mind and a calm dream-like drift. Thank you for a wonderful experience and fresh avenues of clarity." 


The Float is currently available through our two centers in Ecuador.

Best to provide two weeks advance notice and we will happily make arrangements with a local resort.

Groups of 2 to 4 Floaters are preferable. 

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