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Discover the science of deep relaxation




Welcome to Sound Bowl Immersion 


The art of toning Himalayan Sound Bowls is a thriving 2000 year-old deep-relaxation therapy.

These sophisticated vibrational instruments were designed to restore holistic function and reduce stress.

Stress has now been identified by modern science as a root cause of many medical & psychological disorders.

Our passion is to create simple access to wonderful experiences of relaxed well-being.



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The ancient tradition of forging metal sound bowls to tone an extra-ordinary bandwidth of frequencies as harmonic vibrational waves, is now clinically recognized by western science to be an effective treatment to access states of deep relaxation that relieve stress. Accumulation of stress is commonly regarded as a root cause of many diagnosed imbalances and disorders. The neuroscience of brain-wave frequencies now define what ancient cultures have known for centuries. Access to a relaxed state of mind, free of dialogue, encourages the holistic body to intuitively restore resonant clarity & balance, similar to an experience of silent meditation. 

When billions of neural & biological signals are tuned-in and acoustically synchronized, the entire human organism functions more efficiently and operates under less stress!  The synapses within the cells are attuned to deeply embeded harmonic frequencies of resonance. The drama and stress of modern life often distorts the clarity of self-regulating transmissions that constantly seek to balance the physiology of the organism. Our training and experience with the practical application of relaxation protocols using authentic Sound Bowl instruments, enable us to welcome our visitors into the comfort of a mechanically simple, mainstream Immersion experience.



Over the course of thousands of immersions we've shared glowing smiles, sparkling eyes, a few tears, some profound miracles, and all the special moments when a reviever relaxes into their own personal sense of wonder. It's an honor to orchestrate each unique session. Our core practice at Sound Bowl Immersion is, and has always been, to demonstrate the restorative power of deep relaxation, fully focused on one receiver at a time. A personal immersion session is very different then a group sound bath gathering. Several of our practitioners facilitate amazing Sound Bath experiences in gatherings, and also offer our personal Immersion protocols.    

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The elevated Sound Bowl Immersion Bed is an innovation devloped by Greg Haner after years of personal sessions on floor mats and modified massage tables. The bed greatly improves the comfort of the visitor and allows the practitioner to move into the best position to precisely tone the activation of each bowl. While travelling, the logistical challenges of set-up for immersion sessions in many different spaces inspired the natural  evolution of his wonderful series of Seated and Standing protocols, allowing us to provide access to a guest's experience with the bowls in almost any setting or space. 

Greg's Sound Bowl Immersion Ecuador is the proud home of the full-Immersion Sound Bowl Float. The Float is a special buoyant experience that allows the Bowl's radiating sound-waves to ripple through the external medium of warm water and synchronize a connection to the Floater's internal warm-watery biology.  The Float was birthed in Ecuador and standardized protocols using customized Float gear have been proofed and fine tuned in hundreds of resort sessions along the Ruta Del Sol, including the first-known Float in the Pacific Ocean. Comfort & safety are our priority with each Float. 

Gathering & training a select group of career wellness professionals to join Greg as Sound Bowl Immersion practitioners ensures that the art and science of personal Immersion protocols remains accessible and continues to thrive as a powerful treatment option, as larger sound bath gatherings become more popular and economically sustainable. Each of our personal Immersion practitioners are independent owners of their businesses and bring decades of highly-credentialed experience in a wide range of related wellness modalities.

NOTE* Our authentic Bowls were crafted in the lineage of ancient Tibetan and Himalayan traditions. Forging multiple metals into sophisticated     vibrational instruments is a highly skilled labor intensive process. Our Singing Bowls are not created to become musical instruments, by intention.   

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Greg Haner of Sound Bowl Immersion 


Founder Gregory (Greg) Haner is a Certified Tibetan Sound Bowl Practitioner and Teaching Professional, and a Personal Sound Bowl Immersion Master Practitioner. He completed IASH basic, advanced, medical and teacher training programs over four years in New York while actively facilitating Immersion sessions. After graduating, he joined fellow graduates in shared offices around the NY metro area until he opened Sound Bowl Immersion as his private practice.  His first nationwide tour in 2016 evolved into an 8 month long, 10,000 mile, 500 private session magical adventure. It was on this journey that he began to gather a select group of career wellness professionals to join him as Sound Bowl Immersion practitioners. This ensures that the art and science of a personal Immersion protocol remains accessible and continues to thrive as a powerful treatment option. Each of Greg's certified Immersion practitioners are independent owners of their own businesses, including a retreat center, destination resort, yoga ashram, counseling centers and therapist practices, 

and each bring decades of highly-credentialed experience in a wide range of related wellness modalities. 

Session Appointments are scheduled directly with each independent location listed in Contact Us


SOUND BOWL IMMERSION ECUADOR: Greg's home location is now welcoming visitors for the 9th year along the beach communities of the Ruta del Sol surrounding the Olon area.

Sound Bowl Immersion has now "immersed" visitors from 49 countries!

 On February 17, 2017, we organized the first full-perimeter Tibetan Sound Bowl Immersion Float in the Pacific Ocean. 


full listing of Greg's credentials are detailed on his Professional Disclosure, under this site's Forms link.



Greg also functions as a business consultant authorized to provide a unique 3 to 5 day Training & Certification Program 

for owners of wellness & hospitality related businesses looking to distinguish the value of their guest's experience. 

Imagine toning a set of iconic Tibetan Sound Bowls, confidently knowing that you are creating 

a wonderful experience of relaxed inner calm to benefit clients, members or guests.   

If this sounds interesting, please click Professional Certifiction Program


Please use the Send Us a Message form below 

for questions, comments or requests.

We do our best to get back to you in no more than 24 hours. 


Session Appointments are scheduled directly

with each independent location listed in Contact Us

If you have questions about training, a Float or a special event, 

please send Greg Haner a Whatsapp or email message 

and he'll respond directly to schedule a time to talk.  |

Greg's Mobile/Whatsapp: +593 98 113 3046

Jenna Braeul, Olon Ecuador 099 311 3891



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