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Certification Training in the Americas 


Resorts, Retreats, Spas, Massage, Yoga & Wellness Centers 


Trainers,  Facilitators, Therapists, Practitioners & Care Providers

Imagine toning a set of iconic Tibetan Sound Bowls, confidently knowing exactly how to create

   a wonderful experience of inner calm & well-being for the benefit of clients, guests, family and friends.  

The mechanics of creating a Sound Bowl Immersion's acoustical exchange are technically simple.

Our protocols are practical adaptations that evolved over the course of thousands of personal Immersion sessions,

and are deeply rooted in 2,000 year old sound & breath practices that continue to thrive in today's modern world.


A quality set of authentic Himalayan metal bowls and a commitment to several days of focused private training 

will empower one or two confident, fully-funtional Certified Sound Bowl Immersion Practitioners in less than a week. 

Upon completion of their 30 to 60 day practicum, they will be awarded a Professional Practitioner Certificate.

The best way to learn how to expertly facilitate a Tibetan Sound Bowl Immersion is to experience feeling the beautiful sound-waves vibrate You into a state of deep relaxation, over and over. Knowing that the process works every time, and knowing what immersions actually feel like, are core to empowering new practitioners with their own personal experiences to rely on and trust in. Each trainee's personal workbook becomes an invaluable tool.


An iconic service to benefit guests, members and clients with a deeply relaxing hour in an Immersion bed, surrounded by authentic Himalayan Singing Bowls radiating beautiful harmonic waves of sound as they drift into the wonderful stillness of a quiet mind.  I intend to attract another handful of core-business related providers who feel an intuitive sense of what this is and how it may fit for them.  If our timing is right, we may discover doors opening into new opportunities? I'm passionate about spreading the word about the benefits of Sound Bowl Immersions and am ready to collaberate on awakening your vision. Our comprehensive training process involves pre-planning remotely and 3 to 5 days of private hands-on dress-rehearsal cycles at your facility, or at a local resort here on the Ruta del Sol of Ecuador. Here or there, on Day 4 of training, it's Day 1 of your new professional Tibetan Sound Bowl Immersion practice. This unique training program prepares you to offer original adaptations of protocols designed to elevate the level of a visitor's comfort and enhance the benefits of a personal Immersion experience.

A Personal Sound Bowl Immersion is not a Sound Bath or Gong Concert. Group Sound Bath gatherings are thriving today and they are wonderful events, however most participants and many of the facilitators are not aware of one-to-one Immersion protocols. Word of mouth is what keeps us busy, and we're on a mission to spread the word that personal immersions provide direct access to states of deep relaxation and experiences of inner calm. Greg graduated from four years of basic, advanced and medical protocol training in New York to become certified as a Teaching Practitioner and Master Level Immersion Practitioner, and he has facilitated thousands of private Immersions in North and South America. Maestro Satya Brat, CEO of the global IASH network, trained and mentored him in New York and Greg's unique training program is authorized by the IASH. "Thank You Greg Haner for all of your amazing work spreading the message of divine healing through the infinite power of Sound. You are truly a gem in our worldwide IASH Sound fraternity." Training to facilitate a Sound Bowl Float experience requires an additional 3 to 4 days, and warm water is essential.

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The comprehensive Certification Program is designed to enable 1 or 2 new Practitioners in less than a week. We intend that you begin offering professional Immersion sessions on day 4. Each day of private on-site training simulates a cycle of fully functional dress rehearsals. Prior to meeting, we'll get to know you, your vision and plan the logistics to prepare your site or your travel here.


Access to authentic Tibetan Sound Bowls and multiple days of one-to-one training sessions are the essential ingredients that make this unique private training program work. Repetitive cycles of fully experiencing what it feels like to "give and to receive" an immersion session reinforce a series of memorable patterns that create a trainee’s knowing of the sensations and the process. Anchored in notations marked onto each protocol illustration in the trainee's private reference workbook, 

we provide the tools and the experience to create confident professional Immersion Practitioners.

Training to facilitate the Sound Bowl Float requires an additional 3 to 4 days and warm water is essential.

The ancient tradition of forging multi-metal sound bowls to tone beautiful harmonic sound-waves is rooted in a heritage of 2,000 year old Himalayan and Vedic meditation practices. These sophisticated vibrational instruments create extraordinary bandwidth capacity to restore clarity into our body's unique neural and cellular network of communication frequencies. 

When billions of neural and biological signals attune and restore access to clear unclogged transmission channels

the entire bio-field's communication network functions more efficiently to de-stress the holistic nature of a human organism. 

If our program sounds interesting for your business, let's talk. 

We are happy to answer questions and explore options to best meet your needs.

Best to email or text Greg Haner directly to schedule a call.  |

Greg in Ecuador: Mobile/Whatsapp: +593 98 113 3046

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9 owners of prestigeous wellness related businesses completed our professional certification program.

Each demonstrated mastery of our treatment protocols and all are independently facilitating Immersion sessions.

Each is an independent owner of a related core-business, and all are highly credentialed career-professionals.

We are honored to embrace each of them into our Sound Bowl Immersion family.

    We are proud to welcome two new Sound Bowl Immersion practitioners into our family.

 MIchelle Clifton of Sonic Bowls in NY, and Greg Burnes of Metta Vibrations in VA were Greg's classmates 

  and both are full-time practitioners with years of experience facilitating personal Immersion protocols.    

Their site information is listed on our Contact Us page, and will be added to this page soon.


Bromelia outside-the-rooms.jpg
     Bromelia Retreat & Healing Center

     Manglaralto, Ecuador   


+593 99 720 1868



#0a Casa de Crystal _edited.jpg
  Sound Bowl Immersion Ecuador 


   Manglaralto, Ecuador   


+593 98 113 30467


Sound Bowl Immersion

#1 Nirvana Pointe Pic.jpg
Nirvana Pointe Lodge & Spa 

Omaha, NE  

+1 402 212 7477


Wisdom Path Conscious Health

Energy Within .png
The Energy Within
Overland Park, KS 

+1 913 296 8412  

The Energy Within KC

3HO Kundalini & Yoga Center 

Kansas City, MO 

+1 816 561 5337 

Kundalini Yoga Kansas City

Metta _edited.jpg
Metta Vibrations  


Shenandoah Valley, Virgina

GIGI Logo TO-2020-02-08-12-17-10.jpg
   Singing  Bowls of the Rockies  


    Colorado Springs, CO   


+1 719 464 3444

Singing Bowls of the Rockies

Sonic Head _edited.jpg
  Sonic Bowls  


  Hudson Valley, New York   


+1 914 447 0822

Sonic Bowls

3HO Kundalini & Yoga Center 

Kansas City, MO 

+1 816 561 5337 

Kundalini Yoga Kansas City

Sonic Bowls  


    Hudson Valley, New York   

+1 914-447-0822


Sonic Bowls

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