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Sound Bowl Immersion Ecuador 



Each deep relaxation protocol is a finely tuned adaptation of an ancient sound bowl practice.

Our unique menu evolved over the course of thousands of personal sessions across the Americas.

We craft each Immersion to create comfort and trust so that each of our visitors can relax and enjoy

  beautiful sound-waves bathe them in harmonic sensations that calm the mind and balance the body. 


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A personal Immersion is a beautiful experience. Feeling sound-waves wash over you makes it easy to relax and slow down. We'll ask you to give yourself permission to let go of all the external stories for one hour to explore a sense of harmonic well-being. We'll demonstrate the basic mechanics and invite you to touch and feel the bowls before we begin so that you fully understand the simplicity of the process. 
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It's an honor to witness the harmony of a body and mind resting in a state of deep relaxation. The calm of an immersion provides a glimpse into sensations of balance and alignment similar to the non-verbal awareness of clinically defined states of silent meditation. We witness smiles, sparkles, some tears and all of the special moments when a receiver relaxes into their own personal sense of well being. 

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Alicia Bomhoff | Taos, NM

Hi Greg, although I have encountered Tibetan Sound Bowls many times in my 20 years of meditation, the experience of a Sound Bowl Immersion that you created was as different as day and night. It was one thing to hear the sound of bowls and gongs while gathered in a group setting, and something completely different to feel it when the bowls surround and touch you. The boundaries between the vibrational sound bowl instruments and the finely tuned instrument of our human body, seemed to dissolve until I felt I was floating. A highly beneficial experience and a lovely gift." 

immersions on the beach
in Manglaralto, Ecuador   
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